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Hooves-art's "Boutique Bonding" Series

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I absolutely love this series! Two fashionable Canterlot mares having some fun.

Great start with the first picture. There’s something about a girl crouched down sucking a dick and stroking her own. (Okay, you might say it’s closer to grabbing but come on, use a little imagination.) And I really like Sassy’s dress here.

The next one is Fleur giving it nice and deep. (I guess she’s the dominant one here.) The wetness on Sassy’s ass is a nice touch. I see a dildo there; I wonder when they used/are going to use it.

The final picture is wonderful. I like the fact that Sassy is giving Fleur a messy boobjob while she’s riding her; that’s one of the things I love about long horsecocks. The cum in a cup…eh, I’ll pass on that.


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  2. Derpibooru, e621, Patreon, same Tumblr post as previous
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  4. Derpibooru, e621, Patreon, Tumblr

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