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I'm Back (Hopefully)

I kept up my Tumblr blog until the end of 2015. In 2016 I posted only occasionally, and then things really dropped off after that. It was essentially abandoned until Tumblr announced its policy change at the end of 2018.

As I scrambled to preserve my blog, I realized something: I missed doing what I did.

I missed gushing over things that turned me on, even if that just meant putting “So hot!” below it.

So I’m restarting my blog here. The format is going to be a little different, though. Instead of sets, I’ll post mostly individual pictures. And I’ll actually write more than two words for each of them.

While a lot of people affected by Tumblr’s policy change are moving to other social media sites, I’m staying right here. (I wrote a separate post about why I’m sticking with my own site.) If you want to stay up to date, follow me on Twitter, or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed.