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Hello, everyone! I’m an amateur animator, Futahooves, and I welcome you to my domain. This page contains self-made futa animations based on Mlp:Fim characters, so if that’s not your thing, you are welcome to leave anytime you want.

But without further delay, here’s the first video of mine:

PornHub - Celestia Solo

I know, I know… It looks a bit stiff (pun intended), the sound is pretty horrible, and there’s probably quite amount of clipping going on, but hey! It’s my first animation ever! They can only get better from here!

This animation was supposed to be a simple few second loop with cumshot at the end, but I got a bit carried away. It was good practice though! Now that I know how to use Source Filmmaker somewhat properly, I can start working with my first sex scene. It won’t be easy, but at least I know what I’m doing this time.

Oh, and by the way, I’m aware of her silly-looking neck. Unfortunately, I noticed that way too late, so I just had to deal with it (sigh).

Looks promising. Followed!