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So Japanese fun fact of the day

I wanted to name the first character here “cum fairy” in Japanese.

The kanji in the word fairy (妖精) that actually
means fairy, 精, also means -coincidentally- cum. So for now we’re gonna call her seichan. I’ll have to converse with one of my exchange student buds to get a full name that Works as a pun.

Also a bunny girl cuz damn son best outfit

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought semen in Japanese was “seieki” or 精液?

It’s a synonym, yes!

Sei by itself can mean semen, fairy, vigor, while seieki is more percise: semen juice

There’s also aieki (愛液), which literally means “love juice”

Or, if slang is your game, there’s カルピス (CALPIS), which is a milk based soft drink that looks a LOT like cum

And people drink it

It’s ehh