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Discussion: No More “Rules” Markings (Detail)

I’ve decided to get rid of those “RULES VIOLATION” markings (as well as the related, though rarer, “Rules Warning” markings). They were ridiculous.

So that raises an obvious question: Why’d I put them in the first place? Well, I’m not entirely sure myself. I guess when I started this blog I treated it as my own porn stash, and I didn’t expect anyone else to find it. So they were just notes to myself about stuff to not come back to.

But now that I have followers, and Tumblr doesn’t let you edit the contents of posts you reblog anymore, it’s about time I ended that practice. (Yes, Tumblr does let you just get rid of everything, but that discards other, possibly more important, notes [like sources].)

This sort of stuff will be moved into tags. This way, the annotations:

  • Are less intrusive
  • Don’t have to be reblogged
  • Are searchable
  • Can be blacklisted with browser extensions (Tumblr Savior, XKit)

The tags will start with #hlr: (“HeartLinda’s Rules”, followed by a colon); you can find a full list on my rules page.

No distinction will be made between “rules violations” and “rules warnings,” because nobody (not even me) really cares about the difference.

Rules will still be enforced for requests and submissions. That hasn’t changed.

No tags