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These are the guidelines for what to expect (and what not to expect) here, as well as rules for requests and submissions. They’re organized based on how strictly I enforce them.

Eh, Not My Thing

I won’t post a lot of this stuff, but I won’t get too upset if I find it in a set. Feel free to request or submit.

  • I am a gynephilic male. So you won’t see much (if any) gay or solo male content. Sorry, I just don’t do that. I may post some from time to time, but I won’t comment on or curate it as well. (By “gay” I mean “gay male.” No, there will definitely be lesbian content. Sorry if there was any confusion. XD) (If I’m male, why is my name “HeartLinda”?)
  • Anal sex is a deterrent to posting. Just think about what else that hole is used for and you’ll understand why.
  • When done right, women with penises are attractive. Of course, this could be done the other way (man with a vagina), but then it just looks like a flat-chested woman.
  • More people, fewer points. I think group sex and orgies take away from the intimacy of sex.

Please Don’t

I will not post this stuff by itself, I won’t take requests for it, and I will remove it from submissions. Reblogged sets with this stuff will be tagged #hlr:[content] so it can be filtered (or searched, depending on your inclinations). (Previously, these were marked with RULES VIOLATION, and special exceptions or borderline cases were marked Rules Warning [or all-caps and bold as for violations].)

  • No incest. Seriously. I’ve seen my share of it, starting with this (yeesh). I don’t see why people enjoy this. For the purposes of this blog, “selfcest” is also considered incest under this rule. (Besides, that’s just weird.) (More information on this.) [#hlr:incest]
    • However, I will accept it on occasion. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from MLP:FiM are sisters, but I like how “Tipsy” by Anonymous Pegasus on FIMFiction addresses it.
    • Note: For a while (in September and October 2015), this was under “Eh, Not My Thing,” but I’ve moved it back here.
  • All parties must consent and remain unrestrained. Obviously rape is out of the question, but physical restraints (including gags) give the situation an air of non-consent. So BDSM is forbidden, even if the parties actually consent to it. [#hlr:bondage]
  • No brutal sex. This ties in with consent. Violence (including vore) is forbidden. Stretched orifices, pained expressions, and even spanking are major deterrents. [#hlr:brutal]
  • No urolagnia (aka “watersports”), coprophilia, or the like. I get that some people like it, but seriously, I think it’s just disgusting. [#hlr:excretions]
  • Anatomy must be of reasonable size. Large breasts and penises are good up to a point; then they just start looking weird. Also, this covers macrophilia/microphilia. (In some cases this goes with vore, already discussed.) [#hlr:size]
  • No feral animals. “Feral” in this case means not personified, neither in form nor intelligence. Of course, no bestiality (human-on-personified animal doesn’t count, but it is a deterrent), but also no animal sex. (I know I tag #feral in certain posts, but that only refers to form, not intelligence.) [#hlr:feral]

Absolutely Not

This stuff may be illegal. If not, it carries serious ethical concerns. I will not post any of this at all, even in a set with things I like.

  • All characters must appear to be of the age of consent. Not only does this forbid straight-up child porn, it also disallows lolicon and shotacon.
  • All content must be accessible without payment or publishable with permission. After the “Royal Pains” incident, I will no longer post paid content.
  • No depictions of real people (or characters intended to represent real people) without their consent. The Fausticorn Rule 34 issue has raised a lot of questions about this sort of thing.
  • No bestiality. This refers to real-life human-on-animal sex.

These may be updated from time to time.