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There is definitely a taboo appeal. It’s also why some people like to call their partner “dadddyyyyyyy” and use baby talk when referring to their sexual experiences.

About the “daddy” thing: I tried searching it and the results I got suggest that it’s not really about incest, but more about authority and caring.


Any healthy relationship between two people is based on feelings of trust, the deeper the better (innuendo no intended).

The concept of a family member, and sharing a level of trust you can’t get anywhere else is part of what appeals to me in incest porn and ships. Maybe also there is a slight taboo appeal to it as well? Not sure about that, as I can only speak for myself.

It’s one of those things that only applies to fiction of course.

I feel like I should have more to say on the subject but my mind is addled by lack of sleep and I’m not thinking to clearly at the moment.

I’m looking for personal views, so you don’t have to speculate about others. :D


Some will say that people should be allowed to have sex/a relationship with each other as long as its between consenting adults, regardless of familial relation. I agree.

But that’s not the issue here. I’m wondering why you enjoy seeing it. (To use an analogy, lots of straight people are fine with gay sex, but they’re not turned on by it.)

I tried to get some answers in my survey, but barely anyone responded.

Right now, I’m thinking that a common reason will be something like: It’s just two people; I don’t care if they’re family. Is that right? Or is there something else?



Pinkie Pie: Oooh, you like it Shinny? Do you like how I’m fucking your butt? Does Cadence fuck your butt like this every night? I bet you love it! Hehehehe!

I shouldn’t be allowed to write dialogue for porn movies.

As in the previous one, incredibly long overdue commission for the awesome, and super-patient, Ultima.

You can find the ones with Rarity here, here, and here.

I’m not the only one who finds it incredibly enjoyable to put giant futa horsecocks up Shining Armor’s butt, right? Because doing so is such a joy that I find it hard to contain. I don’t know, he’s such a cutie when he’s getting fucked up the butt. I can’t wait to draw more of him.

Set with Ultima’s OC - Here.

(Interesting enough to reblog.)