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I find it both hilarious, sad, and extremely ironic that bronies emphasize “love and tolerate,” and yet the majority of them ostracize those who clop. It’s just funny in a sad way.

You mean just like how any sane person would shun someone who was into bestiality and pedophilia surrounding a children’s program?

More like how some people equate getting off to adult, personified characters to pedophilia and bestiality.

I’ve gone through a few well-known bronies’ blogs and quite a few are NSFW, and searching up the corresponding tag (http://[blog] makes me wonder if they really are all into clop.

Re: salemaldous. If you can bear it, check out:

I have a “main” brony identity for SFW stuff, and I’m wondering if I should at least admit it there (if asked), or reference it here. Thoughts?