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Dva Working the D



Had a bit of a goof while rendering and came up with inverted colors. Now I’m a man who loves blue skin, but holy hell Widowmaker is pretty with a human skin tone!


Blender Does Video Editing?!

So I’ve done a bit of image editing, but video editing is something I’ve been putting off (mostly because of the price tag on the software). Nothing drastically different in this version, but I did add some color contrast and bump up the lower levels a bit so the background wasn’t so dark.

Love it!





So Japanese fun fact of the day

I wanted to name the first character here “cum fairy” in Japanese.

The kanji in the word fairy (妖精) that actually
means fairy, 精, also means -coincidentally- cum. So for now we’re gonna call her seichan. I’ll have to converse with one of my exchange student buds to get a full name that Works as a pun.

Also a bunny girl cuz damn son best outfit

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought semen in Japanese was “seieki” or 精液?

It’s a synonym, yes!

Sei by itself can mean semen, fairy, vigor, while seieki is more percise: semen juice

There’s also aieki (愛液), which literally means “love juice”

Or, if slang is your game, there’s カルピス (CALPIS), which is a milk based soft drink that looks a LOT like cum

And people drink it

It’s ehh


Just a few simple questions. Pretty nervous asking this btw.

1) How do you guys feel about me getting RL voice actresses for my animations?

Mainly the MLP ones because I have been using specific voices for characters over the past year. And some of you are probably used to them by now. Now to mention a follower just told me that people like my work because I don’t use live acting. But I was working on the short raffle winner animation with Triss, Yennefer and Ciri tonight before I went to bed and was adding sounds. And just could not find some good moaning sounds at all which means this one might be pretty silent.

This has been on my mind for a while now but was pretty sure that there were not many females out there that would even want to do voice acting for futa let alone ponies. But then I was thinking out of my 25,000 followers there has GOT to be few maybe? hopefully? lol Which brings me to my next question.

2) Are they any voice actresses among my followers or even somebody you guys know that are willing to do voice acting for futa porn and MLP futa porn?

And I am willing to pay no problem but not sure at all how to go about how much and what not. But we can work all that all before hand of course.

And so yeah thats about it and I feel really weird and awkward for even asking this but after a follower just told me why I did not have Flutterbat say something like “FUCK this is amazing” instead of just “this is wonderful” in my Halloween animation lol. Got me thinking what if I had some voice acting then I could have made her say that. I was like well let me just ask and see what happens. Why not I guess.



Non-MLP Halloween Stuff

The Flutterbat Halloween solo is done. Just rendering a bonus pov angles for it now and that’s it. Should have it posted by Friday :D.

But for now I just wanted to post this for the non-MLP fans. Not much but I did make a short animation also. The plan was to make it a longer animation but I ran out of time. But as I was animating the facial expressions for it I realized that I still kinda want to do that. Not sure if I will add special Halloween effects though since if I do finish it Halloween will be over.

So for now I went ahead and rendered a short clip with a pov angle to see Castanic Liz’s face better also. Although it might a bit too close to her face lol.



Bas Liz POV



Pin-up Pics Links



Love it!