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One of my dearest friends has lost his job and is in dire need to move out of his dead end town VERY SOON or he will be in huge trouble.

Donations are also appreciated but I hate to ask for things without giving in return so that’s completely optional. The best Christmas present i can get for him is a plane ticket to move out here as well as a moving truck for all his stuff.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!



Hope you guys like.

I know you guys probably dont care but im low on funds and my car broke. Patreon would help me a lot if youd guys joined. You dont have to of course. but that dollar some of you could do absent mindedly would be fucking amazing. hope you enjoy this even though its oc related XD

Mr teks patreon: Link



On february 15th, i need to pay for my college, and i still have only half ammout of what i need.. If there is anyone, who can donate any amount of money, please, help me.. I would really appreciate it. I really dont want to get kicked out of this college, because i found good friends here, that helps me with depression. And i reallyyy want to finish my college.. So if anyone cares and could help me, please donate, any amount helps me alot… I will be thankfull forever!
Love you all for the support! <3

Help me pay for my college!
Donation link:

Read why i need the money before donation:

Read about my depression and life problems before donating :