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This page may be updated from time to time.


  • NSFW: Just give me the dirty stuff! (This includes anything that exposes breasts or genitals or involves physical contact with them.)
  • discussion: Take a break to think about a few things. (This is mostly textual, but a few images may pop up. You have been warned.)
  • random: Anything unrelated to sex or sexuality (except in terms of gender relations). Basically a “safe for work” version of my blog. (Things here may be derived from NSFW content. Links and references will be clearly marked as NSFW.)
  • Jack’s Crush: My music.


  • clop: “My Little Pony” porn/Rule 34 (mostly, if not entirely, based on “Friendship is Magic”).
  • yiff: Furotica, furry hentai, whatever you call it (including content not strictly from the furry fandom).
  • hentai: Porn in Japanese art styles.
  • drawn: Any other cartoon-style porn.
  • porn: Live-action porn.


This is primary for clop. Yiff automatically assumes “anthro” form, but will be tagged “feral” if necessary. Most other content will not simply be tagged with “human”.

  • feral: Original animal form.
  • anthro: Given human physical characteristics.
  • human: Completely humanized, save certain minor features.


  • art: Pieces without a storyline, as well as short (one-page) comics.
  • comic: Longer visual works with a storyline.
  • fic: Textual materials.
  • porn: Live-action porn. (This is both a genre and a type, because this is the only type that can apply to the genre.)
  • game: Interactive visual materials.
  • audio: Audio-only materials (may include supplemental text).
  • video: (Non-interactive) video. (Note: Tumblr’s Community Guidelines forbid directly uploaded sexually explicit video. I will not post anything that violates the Guidelines.)


  • solo female: Females alone (not doing anything with each other). Note that this also includes “after sex” or similar content even if it’s clear a male was involved.
  • hetero: Males and females interacting. Tentacle creatures are generally male.
  • lesbian: Females interacting.
  • futa: Androgynous individuals.
    • This really needs to be refined for different types of interaction. Suggest through the ask box or Disqus (below)! EDIT: I’m going to try tagging my posts with the following in addition to the standard “futa” tag:
    • solo futa: Androgynous individuals alone (not doing anything with each other).
    • futa on female: Androgynous individuals interacting with females.
    • futa on male: Androgynous individuals interacting with males (probably little content).

You probably won’t see much of these, but they’re there just in case.

  • solo male: Males alone (not doing anything with each other).
  • gay: Males interacting.

Characters (Friendship is Magic)

Considered Tags

I need more tags! Suggest through the ask box, or through Disqus (below).

  • More precise androgynous sexuality tags (mentioned above)
  • Acts, fetishes, kinks, etc. (ex.: cum)
  • Animal types (especially for furry)