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About This Site

This is a (hopefully) complete mirror of my Tumblr blog at In early December 2018, Tumblr announced a major change to its Community Guidelines, which would prohibit most forms of adult content. Although this blog can still be accessed on Tumblr, I wanted to mirror it in case it becomes inaccessible in the future.

If you have a URL to my Tumblr blog, you can simply replace with For example, becomes This works in most cases, but some features don’t work (see the “Known Issues” section below).

For short URLs, the can be replaced with For example, becomes Note that not all short URLs will work, only those that have appeared on my Twitter profile.

Known Issues

  • Tags need to be in a certain format in the URL. For example “tagged/Disqus” won’t work here even though it works on Tumblr; it needs to be “tagged/disqus”. Roughly speaking, tags need to be all lowercase, punctuation removed, and spaces replaced with hyphens. All the links on this mirror itself should have the correct format (please let me know if they don’t), but links found elsewhere may need some adjustment.
  • Reblog information is missing. This includes the blog I directly reblogged a post from as well as the original author of the post. Usually the original author has written some text, in which case their name will show up above the text, but if there is none (it’s only an image, for example), that information is not there. This should affect only a few posts, but I may get around to fixing this in the future.
  • The “/random” and “/chrono” features don’t work.
  • The archive page isn’t nearly as fancy as Tumblr’s, and it doesn’t support browsing by month or post type.

Reporting Problems

While I’ve tried to ensure that this mirror is faithful to the original, I cannot guarantee complete accuracy. If you notice any problems, please contact me.