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Crayon Color Asks

Bubble Gum: Gender?

Almond: Hair color?

Aquamarine: Eye color?

Asparagus: Birthday?

Cerise: First name?

Dandelion: Middle name?

Leather Jacket: Long or short hair?

Pink Sherbert: Short or tall?

Lavender: Braces?

Manatee: Smoker or non smoker?

Mountain Meadow: Drank or still drink alcohol?

Wisteria: Ever done drugs?

Emerald: Favorite thing about yourself?

Black Shadows: Something you're allergic to?

Denim: Any diseases?

Raw Umber: Sexual orientation?

Misty Moss: Kissed anyone other than family?

Outer Space: Had sex?

Shadow: Name of crush?

Smashed Pumpkin: Why you like the person you do?

Magic Mint: Number of people you dated?

Steel Teal: Longest time you've dated someone?

Thistle: Number of best friends?

Eggplant: Number of siblings?

Fuchsia: Number of pets?

Plum: Still live with parent(s)?

Razzmic Berry: Name of your mother?

Sonic Silver: Name of your father?

Sea Serpent: Both parents still alive?

Eucalyptus: Country you live in?

Salmon: Place you wish to live or visit?

Winter Sky: Number of days missed from school this year?

Mystic Maroon: Met anyone famous?

Dark Venetian Red: Dream job?

Radical Red: Aesthetic?

Malachite: Something you love?

Moonstone: Something you love the smell of?

Bittersweet: Favorite music artist?

Lemon Glacier: Favorite album?

Inchworm: Favorite song?

Scarlet: Favorite book?

Unmellow Yellow: Favorite TV show?

Wild Blue Yonder: Favorite movie?

Blue Bell: Favorite restaurant?

Medium Orange: Favorite fruit?

Mulberry: Favorite vegetable?

Canary: Favorite class in school?

Periwinkle: Favorite website?

Black: Favorite season?

Ruby: Favorite holiday?

Midnight: Favorite day of the week?

Maximum Purple: Favorite time of day?

Permanent Geranium Lake: Favorite flower?

Sea Green: Favorite animal?

Timberwolf: Movie theater or Netflix?

Blizzard Blue: Buying music or downloading from YouTube?