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With so much else going on in 2020, it may be hard to remember that Adobe Flash is going away at the end of this year. Adobe will stop providing updates, and all the major Web browsers have committed to removing it completely.

The technical part of me is celebrating, because Flash has always been a black box owned by one company, as opposed to HTML5 which is standardized and open to everryone. But another part of me is worried, because there’s so much stuff out there that people aren’t going to update, and it’s going to be difficult to enjoy it next year.

Many people are trying to create an alternative Flash player, and some projects have been around long before Adobe announced that Flash was going away. But one more recent project has caught my attention, Ruffle. It has some high-profile sponsors, which is a good sign for continued development. It’s also intended to run directly in the browser (using HTML5 technologies), which is good for a seamless experience across multiple browsers and devices.

I decided to try using Ruffle to play some of my favorite (adult) flash games, and I’ve collected my results in a spreadsheet. As you might expect, some games work well and others don’t load at all. I’ve given each game a score of 0 to 4 based on how well it can be played using Ruffle.

If you want to try this yourself, there’s a demo right on Ruffle’s website, and all you need to do is give it a SWF file. (Getting the SWF file in the first place may be a challenge, though.) If you’re a bit more technical you can build the desktop version to run directly on your computer, which is what I did.

Well, this is interesting.

According to some reports, Verizon is selling Tumblr, and PornHub is interested in buying. Obviously, people are hoping that a new owner might lift Tumblr’s ban on adult content.

But even if MindGeek (PornHub’s parent company) or some other company acquires Tumblr and did that, you won’t find me going back anytime soon. As I said before, the reason I moved to my own site was due to the underlying problem of central control over social media. Lifting the ban does nothing to solve that.

On the other hand, these sites make it easy to discover new users, which is one thing I loved about Tumblr and also why I’m still on Twitter. But I’ll try to minimize my use of such sites.

When Tumblr’s new policy on adult content went into effect last December, they announced that they would only hide, not delete pre-existing adult content. So there are still ways to access it, at least for now.

A bit of a warning: Much of this post is technical in nature. I’ll try to provide guidance if you aren’t as knowledgeable in this area, but you’ll need some prior knowledge to take full advantage of what I’m discussing here.

Information is accurate as of the time of writing, but things may change. (For example, Tumblr may actually start deleting adult content in the future.) I’ll try to keep this updated.

The first and simplest method is through the dashboard. You can still see posts from NSFW blogs you follow, and you can see your own posts in “dashboard view.” (To go there, either click the person icon in the top-right corner and find your blog under “Tumblrs,” or go to[your blog name] for [your blog name]

If you want to get to a specific post (by ID), just go to the edit page for it, which is[post ID].

The dashboard isn’t the easiest way to find previous posts from other blogs. If you want to make your blog more accessible, you can try looking into other sites that can import your Tumblr blog. I went my own way so I can’t make any specific recommendations.

Tumblr also has its own export feature that will give you a nearly complete archive of your blog. You can find it in your blog settings: At the very bottom there should be a button that says “Export [blog name].”

This is good for pictures because it gives you the original resolution, which could be even higher than the highest resolution that Tumblr provides publicly on blogs (usually 1280 pixels wide). You’ll also get a basic HTML page for each post.

Pictures and other media are in a convenient media folder, and are named [post ID]_[sequence starting at zero].[file extension]. For example, the first picture for post ID 181168162382 would be something like 181168162382_0.png. Some posts may have a media file without a sequence number (like 181168162382.gif), and I can’t figure out why.

If you use any sort of tool to transfer your blog elsewhere, double-check that any additional remarks on reblogged ask posts are present. That export feature and the API I’ll describe later do not include them. You may have to add them in manually as I did. (That edit-page trick really came in handy!)

What if you really want to get to a post on someone else’s blog, and they haven’t moved it somewhere else? Well, there’s one last thing that will work: Tumblr’s old API.

If you have the technical knowledge, you can just read the documentation and stop here. The one major caveat is that queries using the ID don’t work for NSFW blogs.

For everyone else, here’s what’s going on: An API is a way to access data in a format that programs can process easily. Sure, a Web page is HTML, which is a format that a program (your Web browser) can process, but a lot of it is still for people. A program doesn’t need buttons or fancy formatting like you might find on a Web page; it just needs the data.

The way to get to the API is by going to http://[blog name] This will give you the first 20 posts in XML format. If you’ve ever worked with HTML before, the oversimplified version is that XML is like HTML except with different tags. Even if this format is completely new to you, you might be able to guess what each piece of the data means. You can use this to grab a link or a picture (image URLs still work).

Here’s what else you can do:

  • To get more posts at once, go to http://[blog name] (50 is the maximum).
  • To get older posts, use http://[blog name] (to skip 20 posts in this example).
  • To browse posts quickly, combine the two above, like http://[blog name]
  • To find posts with a tag, go to http://[blog name] tag (combine like so: http://[blog name] tag&num=50&start=100).

There’s supposed to be a feature to get a single post using its ID, which looks like http://[blog name][post ID], but like I said before this doesn’t work for NSFW blogs. This would be extremely convenient if you have a regular link to a Tumblr post (because you have the post ID already), but I guess it’s too convenient so they decided to disable it.


Oops, I wanted to post something other than more 3D-rendered mares with dicks wearing high heels (oddly specific, I know). But I guess I like them too much.

I like seeing Aloe and Lotus Blossom together, and I really don’t want to believe they’re sisters. You might say that makes it better, and to that I’ll just shake my head and wish you good day. Whatever gets you going.

Astrid (or AstridofAstora [capitalization?]) is an artist whose work I often find myself coming back to (and coming to, LOL). Go check her out!


Artist links:

Image Image Image Image

I absolutely love this series! Two fashionable Canterlot mares having some fun.

Great start with the first picture. There’s something about a girl crouched down sucking a dick and stroking her own. (Okay, you might say it’s closer to grabbing but come on, use a little imagination.) And I really like Sassy’s dress here.

The next one is Fleur giving it nice and deep. (I guess she’s the dominant one here.) The wetness on Sassy’s ass is a nice touch. I see a dildo there; I wonder when they used/are going to use it.

The final picture is wonderful. I like the fact that Sassy is giving Fleur a messy boobjob while she’s riding her; that’s one of the things I love about long horsecocks. The cum in a cup…eh, I’ll pass on that.


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  4. Derpibooru, e621, Patreon, Tumblr

Artist links:

I kept up my Tumblr blog until the end of 2015. In 2016 I posted only occasionally, and then things really dropped off after that. It was essentially abandoned until Tumblr announced its policy change at the end of 2018.

As I scrambled to preserve my blog, I realized something: I missed doing what I did.

I missed gushing over things that turned me on, even if that just meant putting “So hot!” below it.

So I’m restarting my blog here. The format is going to be a little different, though. Instead of sets, I’ll post mostly individual pictures. And I’ll actually write more than two words for each of them.

While a lot of people affected by Tumblr’s policy change are moving to other social media sites, I’m staying right here. (I wrote a separate post about why I’m sticking with my own site.) If you want to stay up to date, follow me on Twitter, or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed.