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Here is a general question on sexuality. More rhetorical than anything, but I’m curious as to your thoughts.

Why does our culture seem to universally consider sex and sexuality a shameful or bad thing? I remember a post about mother’s daughter stumbling across MLP porn (Nevermind how. That’s a different topic) and becoming deeply upset about her favorite character’s being naughty. But why is sex so naughty? Isn’t more the fault of our culture for making sex so inherently bad?

When instead our culture could simply educate to children that sex is just something that adults do it’s perfectly healthy. BUT, they’ll have to learn about it later.

I understand that what I’m saying might be slightly controversial is misinterpreted, so I ask that people request me to clarify something before the get upset at what they I may be implying. (Hint: I’m not saying kids + sex is a good thing, and I never well. So please don’t think I’m saying that.)

It boils down to the US Religion of choice, often times sex is treated as bad. Nations older than the USA have come to accept and not repress sexual things, while America is stuck in this rut of wanting to make sex seem as bad.

Sex is treated as taboo and in the 90’s, adult content in kids shows was common as children didn’t understand it, but in the late 90’s something happened when as a nation it became part of the culture to, if you are any branch of christian, make sex bad all over. Parents pulled their kids out of Sex Ed, refusing to talk to their kids about sex, making them feel like it’s bad and shameful. But it’s like putting a top on a soda and shaking it, the pressure builds till something breaks and sometimes people get hurt.

Psychology and science in general has proven a large amount of sexual predators, peeping toms, pedophiles, and serial rapists, had some form of sexual repression or sexual assault in their life that resulted in these unhealthy habits. Parents say they worry about their child being scarred for life, becoming some sexual deviant. But often, it’s parents enforcing their own religious rule on the children or even just wanting to avoid ‘the talk’ as long as possible. And almost always children, when they hit maturity, they think something is wrong with them and it scares them because they think it’s bad or shameful. And the children around them will also become scared and make fun of them often times.

Sex shouldn’t be treated as a bad thing, and yes, kids under sexual maturity should NOT be seeing the content, but when parents turn a blind eye and ear to their kids simple because they don’t want to answer questions or inform the kids, bad things can end up happening.

This is exactly exemplifies what I hate about modern culture shunning the idea of sex completely, especially around minors.

People want to “protect” their kids from seeing anything sexual until they hit 18, at which point they’re expected to suddenly and magically be aware and well-educated on the subject without anyone ever needing to tell them about it.

And obviously, that doesn’t happen.

Exactly, this is the very problem, as a nation kids are repressed and sheltered, kept “safe” and “Protected” from the things they see as bad. The thing is, repressing things often results when under pressure, things tend to break and it all comes out.

Kids are treated like they are eggs, that they can’t take even a little shock to the norm, and this goes on till they turn 18 where they are suddenly adults and are expected to fend for themselves and learn to deal and manage stuff.

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