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The difference between Bisexuality and Pansexuality: A Powerpoint Guide (Slightly updated)

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I personally wonder what pan sexual mean to be for a while

I suppose the main distinction is that pansexuality includes attraction towards people outside the “gender binary” of male and female, where as bisexuality does not.

EDIT: In an updated post, fandomsandfeminism clarifies that bisexuality does include attraction to transgender binary people. But I’m taking an issue with the characterization of “bisexual = attracted to men and women” as “flawed”. To me it seems pretty clear that the two sexes referenced are male and female (especially if we look at sexual attraction from an androphilic/gynephilic standpoint as opposed to heterosexual/homosexual), and, as a result, that bisexuality doesn’t include attraction toward non-binary people.

Relevant Wikipedia articles (with references to sources):

Despite all this, I would think that at least some people who identify as bisexual would be attracted to a non-binary person. It’s just that bisexuality takes a gender binary as a given.