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Anonymous asked: In both the futa pics you've drawn (not counting that edited one that began as a FlutterDash strap-on pic), is there a particular reason you've had Twilight be the endowed one? I thought of this since I just remembered having seen a few different writers and artists come up with the idea that, as part of becoming an alicorn, Twilight would also get a penis.



There was no conscious decision at any point when drawing those, so I’m not sure. It just came out that way.

I’ve definitely read some of those fics so it could be that it’s simply affected my subconcious.

I’ve also mentioned in the past one of the reasons I like futa is the ability to viscerally identify with a penis. And FutaTwi on Dash is probable my subconscious expressing how badly I wanna boink Dash.


I think my personal favorite is The Benefits of Princesshood. It’s only one chapter and doesn’t show any signs of ever updating, BUT THE LAST SCENE IS REALLY DAMN HOT.

I recommend it.


EDIT: I finally read it. Check out my review.