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ask-toonwriter said:
Can you do Futashy and Futatwi together, making out, masturbating and
ejaculating while letting themselves get drenched/slimed in a LOT of cum?

Yes, yes I can. Now I just want to say that this took a lot of effort so don’t expect me to do request with this much detail please! I just did this to see if I could get it done.

So hot.

(I thought I posted this already, but apparently I didn’t.)


So as I was rendering a 60FPS version of the intro for the raffle animation(the Twixie one) two Fridays ago and my PC had a heart attack lol. And I got a hard drive error/failed. Right now its getting repaired but still no word on how long its gonna take or what is going on. I asked the person to at least recover my files from it but not sure what is taking so long. So Tuesday I went bought a new PC and have been getting all the backup files I had saved. I also have been getting like 4 or 5 hours of sleep this whole trying to get tons of models, maps and sounds that I need. Just preparing for the worst because at this point I don’t think my files are going to be saved.

And so I have been working on Valentine’s Day stuff this whole as well. Hopefully you guys don’t mind some late VDay animations. No time table on when they will be done because my track record of getting stuff on time has been awful. So I don’t want to hype people up with when it will be out and stuff. But I can show a preview for one of them.

As for the longer raffle animation 2 Twixie thing. I still hope my files can be saved because the intro part was about 1 minute and 12 seconds of animation. Now I might just make it again but for now I am going to re-pose the part I left off on. Which was right after Twilight cums and finish that off in hopes I can get the intro back from my old PC by the time I finish it. I will start on that as soon as i finish these Valentine animations.

But for those who can’t wait and an apology for the lack of animations lately. Here is the first half of the raffle animation. Do not click if you wanna wait for the full thing though xD.

Longer Raffle Animation 2(First Half)

Longer Raffle Animation 2 Alternate Angles(First Half)

Also here is my materials and save files for my newest anthro ponies. Its incomplete and very unorganized however so just a warning. And two save files have custom made by me Fluttershy’s Cottage and the Carousel Boutique so enjoy and have fun!

Pony Save Files And Models(Incomplete)

And lastly the Trixie model i use that for some damn reason cannot be founf anywhere on the net.

Trixie V2 Model

So bear with me as i get shit back in order and get some animations done please :). In other news, I saw Deadpool last night. Movie was fucking hilarious xD. And NBA All Star Weekend was fantastic!

A bit rougher than I like, but wow that’s hot! (Especially the bit at the end; that’s becoming my new fetish.)



First part of a request I received from someone who would prefer to stay anonymous. I’m having a lot of fun with this request and will hopefully finish the second part of it tomorrow!

Hope you like it sir!


(Second part is in the queue.)