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Patreon reward for RarityIsMyWaifu ( He wanted me to draw his waifu, you guessed it, Twilight Sparkle. Unfortunately, Twilight proved too difficult to draw so we settled for Rarity instead.

I had to breakout my cursive for this one. A classy girl like Rarity doesn’t deserve my chicken scratch handwriting.


If you like my crap, consider:

(The only thing I’ll mention is that there’s a comma before “darling”. Good job.)



NSFW Equestria Girls Chrysalis x Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle. I would have NEVER shipped these two EVER but it happened and now I can’t stop~

Cute. Some 8.5x11 versions and some 1920x1200 wallpapers for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day part 1 
I needed more human practice but wanted to draw ponies so EQG yisss.

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