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And maybe its not that dark of a sercet actually. But yes that’s it and most of you guys guessed it. I have been animating MLP for like a year now and never watched the show, I am sorry and please don’t hate me. I did however watch clips all the time on youtube mainly for research to see what they all sound and act like for my animations. And in doing that I liked what I saw and was like “man I really need to marathon through this at some point, it seems like a good show xD”.

And so I did FINALLY a few weeks ago. And now I am on episode 1 of Season 2 that looks like its gonna have Discord in it. And I love it so far. Its a good and funny show actually. And even my brother has watched a few episodes with me(and yes he knows and has seen my animations lol) and get this so far he says his fav pony is Applejack.

So yeah I usually watch a few episodes before I sleep in between anime as well, never while I work though because I want to give it my full attention! Hard to pick a fav episode so far because I like them all but a few standouts would be

Party of One

Green Isn’t Your Color

Boast Busters

Feeling Pinkie Keen

Best Night Ever

And anything with the Cutie Mark Crusaders

But that’s just a few because I honestly like them all so far. And looking forward to the rest all the way into season 5. And you guys had some crazy and weird guess’s btw LOL. And to the person who guessed that I fucked a girl in MLP Cosplay. No I have not but that would be fucking AWESOME xD!

Now another question for you peeps. How are the Equestria Girls movies?

First movie is the only one I’ve watched so far, and it honestly seems a bit rushed and forced, like they weren’t exactly sure where they were going with it.  Still enjoyable though.

I think Applejack might be the most popular of the mane six overall.

The State of the Herd disagrees. Just as I recalled, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are the most popular ponies.