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Submitted to me by anon.

This is video is fascinating. It’s discussion on an observational study about common sexual kinks in humans.

Among many other things, it pretty much says exactly what I already thought: Men in general are obsessed with dicks, despite traditional thought. In fact, men are more obsessed with dicks than women are! This includes completely hetero men in general (though they’ll be hard pressed to admit it.)

((It was proven some time ago by cameras that measured where a person’s eyes pointed that men glance at another man’s crotch way, way more often than women look at either gender’s crotches. This of course being during fully clothed conversation.

It’s also proven that men think about the dicks of other men quite a lot. However, I would put forward that there is a significant different between obsessive thought and sexual attraction. Most men who identify as heterosexual cannot masturbate to gay porn even if they try. However, a large cock is vital for straight men to enjoy straight porn. Why is this? It’s fairly obvious… they aren’t obsessing over other men’s dicks in the video, they are vicariously imagining the featured cock to be their own. If that cock is pounding a pussy, great, because that’s what they want to do. If it’s pounding another guy’s ass, it doesn’t work, because that isn’t what they want to do themselves.

So, why think about other guy’s dicks in a non-sexual setting then? Simple. Dominance. Like it or not, the deeper a guy can leave his seed in a woman the more likely impregnation is. It’s a slight difference, but it is a difference. Guys with longer dicks, therefore, are slightly more likely to successfully mate. The ancient monkey part of the human male’s brain, the part most of us (men and women) are unaware of as it goes about it’s monkey life, knows this and is constantly questioning its own order in the dick size hierarchy.

It’s stupid, yes, but it by no means indicates that all guys want to suck a cock (other than their own… pretty sure most guys would if they could). There isn’t some vast conspiracy against being bi or an organized mass denial of homosexual urges. Plenty of women obsess over the breasts of other women. Doesn’t mean they’re bi or lesbian. There’s far more at work here than just sex.))

Oh yeah, you are absolutely right. You put into words what I’ve always thought.

Straight guys are obsessed with dicks. Why else do they make jokes/talk about them all the time? Guys are obsessed with drawing a phallus on every single canvas they can manage. It’s not a sexual obsession, I know. But it’s a obsession anyway.

And I think the reason why guys generally like dickgirls in porn is because of getting the female triggers of curves, but also having a phallus to vicariously live through.

Reblogging for the record. Note that I’m going TL;DW on this video for now.