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Tag: Fluttershy



ask-toonwriter said:
Can you do Futashy and Futatwi together, making out, masturbating and
ejaculating while letting themselves get drenched/slimed in a LOT of cum?

Yes, yes I can. Now I just want to say that this took a lot of effort so don’t expect me to do request with this much detail please! I just did this to see if I could get it done.

So hot.

(I thought I posted this already, but apparently I didn’t.)



Hope you guys like.

I know you guys probably dont care but im low on funds and my car broke. Patreon would help me a lot if youd guys joined. You dont have to of course. but that dollar some of you could do absent mindedly would be fucking amazing. hope you enjoy this even though its oc related XD

Mr teks patreon: Link