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Tag: Request

I honestly thought I could find something like this, but nope, sorry.

My ask page is my primary channel of communication. Here’s the stuff you can send me:

  1. Requests for content and other suggestions for this blog (or other online activity)
  2. Questions about sex and sexuality (including suggestions for discussions)
  3. Questions of general interest to bronies and furries (though I might not be able to answer furry questions)
  4. Any other questions or requests (provided they’re not too personal)
  5. Information/non-questions

Note: This is basically the order of priorities.

You can access this through the short URL /t/whattoask

Happy Thanksgiving!

You can send requests at any time, but if you want something quickly now’s the time. (See the tags for content you can request.)

Send your requests through my ask page. I will post what I’ve found first and then link you to the post as the answer.

To make things easier, read my rules about content I post before you make a request. (But if you request something I won’t post, I will politely refuse and point you to the rules.)