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Pinkie Pie: Oooh, you like it Shinny? Do you like how I’m fucking your butt? Does Cadence fuck your butt like this every night? I bet you love it! Hehehehe!

I shouldn’t be allowed to write dialogue for porn movies.

As in the previous one, incredibly long overdue commission for the awesome, and super-patient, Ultima.

You can find the ones with Rarity here, here, and here.

I’m not the only one who finds it incredibly enjoyable to put giant futa horsecocks up Shining Armor’s butt, right? Because doing so is such a joy that I find it hard to contain. I don’t know, he’s such a cutie when he’s getting fucked up the butt. I can’t wait to draw more of him.

Set with Ultima’s OC - Here.

(Interesting enough to reblog.)



Kik, merry christmass, or is it hearths warming….whatever, It is the holiday season! And this has well I wouldn’t  say nice or naughty it is like a chaotic good sense type of thing. Keeps those hooves moving and stay warm out there <3


Happy holidays!

(#10: RULES VIOLATION: Bondage.)